Are you facing a problem with your Graduate or Professional School?

Our Advisors & Attorneys are Available to Assist Students of all Ages and levels of Education. 

Our office commonly consult and advise students in medical, dental, veterinary, nursing, law, and business schools as well as graduate programs in all areas of study. Contact Us for a consultation and let us help you solve any issues that arise with your place of study.  

Hire An Advisor or Attorney to Guide You.

Very often, young professionals attempt to handle these matters on their own, especially early on. Usually, to their own detriment. Having an advisor who has experience as a defense attorney will make a huge difference in the outcome of proceedings. We have the right tools and skill set to assist.

Allegations of unprofessional, inappropriate, or criminal conduct can ruin a professional reputation and academic progress that may have taken decades to build. You may risk problems obtaining your professional license, suspension from your program, or other disciplinary sanctions can result in unfavorable findings against you. Our practice group can help guide you through the complex administrative process and grievance procedures while fighting to protect your rights to due process and arguing for the best possible outcome in your case.

We have experience advising and representing future: lawyers, physicians, veterinarians, chiropractors, nurses and other professionals, this is the main focus of our practice group. We have represented clients in felony criminal proceedings with success. Our advisors defense attorneys have handled hundreds of cases including allegations of improper relations with patients/clients, plagiarism, academic dishonesty, failure to meet academic or clinical standards, fraud, and other violations of codes of conduct or community standards.