Did you receive an adverse determination from your School or University?

Contact Us Immediately! Your time to Appeal may be expiring soon. Often time student handbooks and College procedures require you to file your appeal in as little to two (2) days. You may be able to request an extension of time. Speak to your Schools Administrators. Get advice on potential issues you may raise in your University Appeal and assistance drafting a persuasive argument to reverse an unjust decision.

Dismissal Appeals

Many colleges, universities, and professional schools have strict policies on academic progression in both didactic and clinical courses. If you fail to meet the standards imposed, you may face dismissal or other sanctions. However, many school administrators and professors make errors that may give you the grounds to appeal your dismissal. Don't lose out on all of your hard work without fighting dismissal.

Grade Appeals

Some professors are not the best when it comes to consistently grading students' coursework or a Course Syllabus may not have clearly explained grading standards. There are even cases where Universities make last minute policy changes that may severely affect your grades. There are many grounds to appeal a bad grade and save your GPA, Scholarship, or place in the program.

Disciplinary Appeals

University and College policies usually provide for several levels of process before a finding of responsibility for code of conduct violations or Title IX charges are made final. If you have already lost at hearing, there may be grounds to appeal based on denial of due process, new evidence not available at the hearing, witnesses recanting, failure to adhere to evidence standards, conflicts of interest or bias.

Academic Integrity Appeals

Allegations of plagiarism, cheating, fraud, dishonesty, etc. are very serious and can follow you for the rest of your life. Universities usually have processes to review these allegations before a preliminary committee, then hearing process, and/or appeals before findings are finalized. This process must be followed strictly and when it is not, there may be grounds to appeal and overturn adverse decisions.