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You are spending money, time, and effort to progress in your Academic and Professional careers. Please take any dispute with your School seriously; hire attorney or advisor with experience guiding others through the same process and negotiating favorable outcomes. These matters, when not properly addressed, can adversely affect your whole life."

Angel Castro, Esq.

Academic Advocacy & Title IX Advisor

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Know your Rights

Having an experienced attorney as an advisor could be instrumental to your success when facing disciplinary action, grade appeals, or discrimination by your University or learning institution. Let our team review the facts, procedure, and law to ensure your put the best arguments forward with the evidence necessary to support your position. 

Experienced Litigators

You may not be facing 20 to life in prison, but our Advisors will take your case that seriously.

Our team of Academic Advisors are all active or former attorneys with experience litigating complex fact intensive issues involving civil rights and success defending clients when taking criminal matters to trial or on appeal. 

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We serve Students of all ages and Professionals in all Fields of Study, No Matter Where You Matriculated!

We are available to consult and advise whether you are attending your local public school, community college, state university or private college. As well as any location across the globe where the operating language is English.